Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

That silly Linden operation "adult content"

Linden is moving everything they consider "adult content" to seperate sims now. This is particulary silly, since you have to be an adult anyway to be in Second Life at all. It is a terrible conservative puritan move of Linden Lab and will have its negative effect on the SL experience. But not only do they ban locations, they also ban "adult" words from the inworld search engine. One of these words is "penis", a word that even my two year old son already knew what it means.

This is my artistic comment on the silliest and perhaps most devastating thing that ever happened to Second Life. I shamelessly ripped it off the copyright of René Magritte, the great surrealist painter, who would surely forgive me nonetheless, if he knew what I used it for: a call for freedom!